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Cascade Nutritional Therapy's Services

At CASCADE, I focus on finding the root cause of many chronic conditions through muscle testing and reduce inflammation by removing and desensitizing inflammatory foods. 

Muscle Testing
Muscle Testing

By stressing out specific energetic points, muscle testing can identify weakness that can cause dysfunction. Muscle testing is a simple and effective way to identify problem areas of the body that other practitioners may have failed to see. It also allows me to determine the perfect supplement to help strengthen the body and work toward healing.


Sensitivities are a huge downfall in any health condition, including weight loss, thyroid, adrenal, or fatigue issues. Identifying these triggers through muscle testing and removing them from the diet are the first steps toward healing. Many clients I see have sensitivities to perfectly healthy foods. Using a cold laser on specific acupoints while exposing the body to the problem food at the same time, the inflammatory reaction that the body has toward that food can be reduced.

Holistic Weight Loss
Holistic Weight Loss

Weight loss is not a simple equation of calories in vs calories out. Reducing inflammatory foods and fixing the dysfunction in the body are the keys to weight loss. Through an established program, we work together to focus on finding and fixing these stressors, leading to lifelong weight management. 

Eat like you love yourself.

Speak like you love yourself.

Move like you love yourself.

Act like you love yourself.



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